Responsive Web Design

HTML and CSS exercises as part of's Responsive Web Design Courses.

I'll be honest, while I found the concept fo these projects interesting at times, I found the "teaching" style of this course to be incredibly tedeous and I cheeed through some of the final projects (the only ones actually required) by canibalizing some of my older existing projects and adjusting the tags and IDs to match what the system was looking for. I also find some of the methods and design philosophies taught int his course ot be incredibly obtuse. The inconsistent style in how to code colors is a big one. The inconsistent ways of postiioning things. I sort of get it, it's to demonstrate different methods, I suppose, but it also just, doesn't match my already learned preferred method, which didn't help with how tedeous I found this course to be with it's step by step by step "do X, do Y, do Z" teaching methods.