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I've been around on the web through various forums and websites since the 90s. I've used computers and played games essentilly my entire life since the early 80s. I am an avid Technology Enthusiast and work to keep knowledgeable on current technology as much as possible.

My Blogs

Blogging Intensifies

[Blogging Intensifies]

Personal blog, for code talk, music, personal opinions and general life.


Geek Blog, commentary and reviews of toys, video games, movies, and other related topics.

Project Showcase

A collection of code project samples and code in several different coding languages.

My Skills

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Experience with a variety of coding languages including Python, HTML/CSS, PHP, SQL, Cold Fusion, Bash Scripting, and Linden Scripting Language.

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Design skills including photography, Photoshop, video creation, and graphic design.

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